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Food delivery app Wemsquare Technologies
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A Complete Guide on Food Delivery App in 2021: You Wish to Know

Foodpanda clone Wemsquare Technologies
Foodpanda Clone Wemsquare Technologies


Want to know about the FoodPanda Clone App?

At this time user’s have more expectations in online food ordering from many restaurant apps to single apps with many restaurants.

Everyone needs more facilities in a single mobile app so apps like foodpanda are famous for their service but now people want to start their own like FoodPanda also called FoodPanda Clone.

The ugly truth about mobile app development companies is they make clone apps without white labeling.

So let me help you to build a FoodPanda Clone App with white labeling and low budget.

Do you still have any problems?

Our Wemsquare Technologies will provide a well designed Food Delivery Mobile App for android and ios with many unique features and responsive interfaces so it helps to grow your food delivery app in the market quickly on behalf of others.

At Wemsquare, we are serving customized mobile apps like a professional. That includes a set of solid features and highly advanced technology and also we are budget friendly then other companies.

Launch your food delivery startup with our food delivery app source code. It helps to transform your restaurant business to boost online orders and generate more revenue.

Best Foodpanda Clone:

In response to the foodpanda clone we created the food delivery clone app on a low budget and it’s more responsive than foodpanda, swiggy, zomato, ubereats etc.. we modify app design and add some more feachers to make it user friendly and more attractive.

Our foodpanda clone will give you the freedom to not only feed people but it will also help you search for various restaurants and catering stores online on this platform looking for your foodpanda clone app from the wemsquare solutions with the most experienced team members and get worldwide best services as you want. The main purpose of our company is to provide a secure and best product to our customers.

We provide a foodpanda clone script if anyone wants to develop their own food delivery app clone to better engage with their customers but what options do they have regarding features,development and budget?

Foodpanda Clone App will give you some options, suggestions, and examples for those who want to build On Demand Food Ordering App.

HERE’S the reason To choose our Foodpanda Clone App:

  1. CUSTOMIZABLE: 100% customizable apps as per your requirement. 
  1. SECURITY: We set secure and easy payment methods and user/admin login end to end encryption.
  1. AVAILABILITY: Website, Android App and IOS App.
  1. PROBLEM & SOLUTION: We have ready-made solutions available to launch on an instant basis.
  1. Analysis: After gathering important information, needs and processes are thoroughly analyzed to make the business solution much better.
  1. Testing: Before introducing the script to the market, we are sure to check the script to be working properly and without bugs and a good navigation process.

How does the Foodpanda Clone work?

  • Customers can use the website or app to search their favorite restaurants nearby and add their address.
  • They can select items as they wish from a well organized menu and add them to the cart.
  • Users can choose payment methods such as card, cash, or wallet.
  • Restaurants get an order notification and start preparing for that.
  • When the order is ready to be shipped, the restaurant assigns the nearest delivery provider to take the order.
  • The delivery provider accepts the request, picks it up at the restaurant, and delivers it to customers.
  • Depending on the quality of the food and more information, customers share feedback for delivery providers and restaurants.

That’s how does the FoodPanda Clone Work.

FoodPanda Clone App Feathers:

IOS Application: The iOS App are developed with the latest Technology of Native Swift Language using Xcode

Android Application: The Android App is developed in the Native Java Language using Android Studio IDE.

Free Server Installation: After buying app like foodpanda, we take the responsibility to install our website scripts into your server. Our websites are 100% responsive, which is compatible with any device.(Smart TV, PC, Mobile, Tablet)

Free App Submission: Our team will help you in uploading your application on App Store if an issue occurs, our team will guide you with proper guidance.

Free Support: We work hard for a bug-free product and if you find any bugs we promise we will fix it for free in the support period

Full Source Code: We will provide 100% customizable source code where you can customize as per your requirements or we can customize for you totally FREE.

Language Problem Solving: We Create apps in Multi language and multi currency support ensures that our app can work in many countries across the world.

Food delivery app wemsquare technologies
Food delivery app wemsquare technologies

Stepwise Guide – FoodPanda Clone App Development

Creating an app like foodpanda with advanced features and responsive layouts can be a challenge if you do not follow the steps below. You need to follow the process that needs to be carefully planned, developed, and implemented.

Step 1: Do market research for foodpanda clone scripts.

Step 2: Select the best foodpanda clone template.

Step 3: Work on features and functionality and make it more responsible.

Step 4: Add Content (Menu, Images, Videos, offers etc..)

Step 5: Publish your app. (get your app live)

Step 6: Promote and boost your app in social media.

That’s how does the FoodPanda Clone Work

Apps on Foodpanda clone:

  1. Restaurant App
  1. Food Delivery App
  1. Food Ordering App

4. Admin App

Why you choose us: 

At Wemsquare, we are striving to build a customized restaurant mobile app like a professional . That includes a set of solid features and highly advanced technology.

Mobile Apps: We will provide responsive mobile apps for both operating systems android and ios.

24*7 Support: Wemsquare provide 24*7 technical support to their clients, so any technical issue happens it can be solved immediately.

Experienced Team: At wemsquare we have a professional team who has experienced more than 5 years, we will make your app unique, responsive, and user friendly.

100% Customization: Our app script is customizable as per client’s requirements, which makes the us different in app development platform.

Multiple Payments Gateways: We provide multiple payment methods in our app, so customers make the payment easily.

Connect With US: 

We are available to discuss your project 24x7x365. Once we are done meeting you get the details of the project and you are invited to see your App done before your eyes at our development center.

How does the Foodpanda Clone work Wemsquare Technologies
How does the Foodpanda Clone work Wemsquare Technologies


How much does a food delivery app cost?

Cost of food delivery app development as per the features included in the app and website. An average online food ordering and delivery app costs are too high, but we can offer a lower price so you can afford it.

How can I start a business like FoodPanda?

1. Choose a food delivery app script from an app development company like Wemsquare Technologies.
2. Customize food delivery software according to the needs of your business.
3. Customize the restaurant menu and services depending on your product.
4. Launch your own food delivery website and app like Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato etc..

Which food delivery application is best?

Right now it’s UberEats.

In recent times, people compare the price of delivery from all the major food delivery apps. In that case, Uber Eats had the cheapest delivery fee compared to other services but if you compare our Food Delivery Application with UberEats then our app is more responsible and attractive than other food delivery apps.

Which is the best food delivery clone app?

Our Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, and Foodpanda Clone is the best online food delivery application of 2021. It has advanced features and great algorithms that make it easy to use and look attractive for users. 

How does the FoodPanda Clone Work?

1. Find all food shops available at customers’ locations.
2. Browse menus and find a meal for customers.
3. Customer selects food and pays money for his meal.
4. It’s a quick, simple and secure method.
5. Food prepared and delivered to customers’ selected address.
6. Customers give feedback on food.

What is Swiggy clone script?

Swiggy Clone App Script helps you to start your food ordering and delivery business. Our food ordering script is available in the Website and Application in Android and ios.

What makes a good food delivery app?

1. Food ordering
2. Online menu
3. Multiple payment methods
4. Referral schemes
5. Real-time order tracking
6. Customer reviews
7. Social media sharing
8. Chatbot support


Nowadays, it is possible to provide multiple services using one app. For example food ordering app you can use and purchase food from different restaurants right? So Wemsquare Technologies created a Food delivery clone app so let’s discuss that..

Buying a white-label Food Delivery Clone App is too expensive. but if you approach Wemsquare Technologies, an app development company that will take up your app project, launching your food delivery application like zomato, foodpanda etc.. in a minimum of time.

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