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Customized Delivery Solutions – On-demand Grocery app Solutions
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Customized Delivery Solutions – On-demand Grocery app Solutions

Delivery solutions wemsquare technologies
Delivery solutions wemsquare technologies

Delivery Solutions For Groecery Delivery App

Therefore we offer end-to-end grocery delivery solutions for traders and business people who wish to start their businesses.

You can build an app to take your grocery business to an online platform, and to connect users with grocery delivery solutions.

On-Demand grocery delivery services, like Grofers, and Bigbasket, come with the iOS and Android app for your sales and customers.

Developers developed On-demand-based grocery delivery systems, like Gofers, Big basket, and Ship.

They created three systems: a Customer program, a store owner program, and a Drive app.

Why Choose a Clone Over Grocery Delivery Solutions App Development?

It does not cost thousands of dollars to improve the grocery delivery system.

So, It has a fully functional product in a short time.

An app allows you to rate your product on an ongoing basis.

The grocery delivery system is not variant from other companies, and you have everything you would like at a lower price.

Types of Grocery Delivery Solutions App We Develop

Grocery Ecommerce Solution

Grocery apps like Gofers and Big basket, create mobile apps where users can choose the food.

Now They have and choose the time to recruit their food delivered to their door.

In-store App Solution

We develop a grocery app that has a grocery and its products.

So users can see the merchandise display to the specification of the merchandise.

That way they’re going to make certain about the standard of products listed on the delivery solutions app.

Individualized Grocery App

Users can create their own food list and share it in the store.

So, that we develop induvial white list apps for users, and our app is totally customized solution.

On-demand Grocery Delivery Solutions App for All Business Models

Single Store Grocery App

Make a grocery delivery solutions app that helps to take your retail grocery business online.

And List all products accessible, and allow your users to shop at their comfort.

The app can help your business ability its consumers on time, increasing your sales. 

Grocery Store Chain App

This delivery solutions app allows you to manage grocery stores operating in multiple locations under the same brand completely.

Users will be able to order from the grocery stores available close by their locations.

Hence, It is the best option for grocery store chain businesses to earn a high return on investment. 

Grocery Stores Aggregator App

Now, launch an online marketplace app that connects a few grocery stores with end-users.

Here, you can show a list of grocery stores available in a specific location on your app.

letting users order from the grocery stores of their preference, and get deliver at right location.

A Workflow of A Grocery Delivery Solutions for Ecommerce App

Sign up/Sign in

Users will be able to register with the app if they are using it for the first time or log in if they have already registered.

Search for Grocery Stores

Users can search for the list of grocery stores available close by their location, so easily take choose a store.

Add to Cart

Customers are finding the grocery that’s suitable for his or her needs, they will add the list of groceries they have to the cart.

Order Checkout

Users can proceed for checkout after adding all required groceries, and they can pay using the payment modes available in the app.

Order Processing

The grocery stores get order requests, process them, and hand them over to the delivery team.

Track Order

The order is out for delivery, users are getting to be notified, and they will be able to track the delivery boy’s location using the app.

Doorstep Delivery

Get delivery at your door setup using our platform, so you no need to go outside.

Review and Rating

order delivery at your doorstep and customers can review our services.

It helps businesses to their service quality review, and it helps other customers.

Essential Features of Grocery Store App Development for Delivery Solutions

User App for Delivery Solutions

  • Easy Onboarding

Users can log in or sign up to the app using their phone number, email IDs, and social media accounts.

  • Advanced Search

Users can search for groceries using the search options directly, and we give a filter option for searching.

  • Add to Cart

The list of groceries required can be added to the cart, and the user can see the whole cart list.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Users can pay the payment methods available within the app at checkout time, so we suggest multi-options for payment.

  • Schedule Delivery

Users can schedule their delivery at the time, and date of their comfort.

  • Order Tracking

Users can track their orders via using the GPS navigation system integrated into the app, so that easy way to satisfied customers.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Users can be rating the services and share their reviews, so more people can easy to trust the app.

  • Order History

In the user app, we provide a feature for order history, so that users can easily check out the previous order list.

  • Reorder

Users can reorder groceries they ordered in the past, and it’s good for users to reorder items.

  • Offers and Discounts

Festival and offer day coupons and discount details send by notification and some big sale benefits for users.

  • Push Notifications

The user gets order status updates, and information notifications pop in our app.

  • Help and Support Section

All questions of users will be forward to the support team, and they get a quick response.

Delivery Personnel App for Delivery Solutions

  • Registration

Delivery executives can register with the app using their email IDs, social media accounts, and phone numbers.

  • Document verification

Over registering, delivery executives have to upload documents to confirm their certification. so in case, we want any details we get it easily.

  • Availability Toggle

Delivery executives can receive their requests they are available.

  • Accept / Reject Request

The order should be canceled in any situation app will notify the next delivery person. so, the next delivery person delivers the order at right time.

  • GPS-Enable Navigation

Delivery executives will track the location of grocery stores and customers on the app, and deliver at customers’ locations.

  • Status Update

After receiving an order from grocery stores and delivering it to customers, they can upgrade status. Now we update this feature customers get quick notifications on the app.

  • Earnings

Earning reports generate with three different Daily, weekly, and monthly in the app. so, the delivery person tracks payment and revenue every time.

  • Push Notifications

Delivery executives will inform about the new order requests instantly. so, the next user gets good services.

Store Manager App for Delivery Solutions

  • Login

After registering with the app, store managers can log in to the app with the provided recommendation. and getting all the details report.

  • Manage Products

Store managers can list all products accessible in their stores. Also, they can delete or add products at one’s convenience.

  • Manage Categories

Store get grocery order in-store app. But here we use code for all the products, Easy to identify user requirements using codes.

  • Inventory Management

The store manager can make changes to the number of products available and their pricing details, For updating menu price as per market update and public demand.

  • Receive Orders

As of now, orders received from customers will be sent to store managers for processing.

  • Manage Orders

Store managers can manage orders that are under process, scheduled, and dispatched because he has enough right to change all details.

  • Payment Tracking

Payment information status is shown in-app. Pending and complete, payment by debit and credit card, cash, and another wallet.

  • Earnings Report

Store managers can see the general earnings generated through the app daily many, and getting all the reports accurate.

  • Real-Time Tracking

The store manager will track delivery executives traveling to consumer locations for delivery.

  • Customer Support

Customers connect managers directly in the event of a pull on their orders, in case of any query to get a solution.

Admin Panel for Delivery Solutions

  • Powerful Admin Dashboard

The admin can manage all business operations via the admin dashboard, and get full rights for all the reports.

  • Verify Delivery Executives

The admin can verify the profiles of delivery executives, and approve their requests to join the platform.

  • Manage Stores

The admin can verify and list multiple grocery stores on the app, and manage them for ideal functioning.

  • Manage Customers

Customer details tons, they register with the app are continuing for purposes.

  • Assign Orders

The admin can assign orders to delivery executives for delivery.

  • Track Orders

Users can track grocery orders in the user app.

  • Manage Payments

The admin can manage the completed and continuing payments.

  • Manage Offers and Discounts

The admin can make offers, deals, and discounts for services availed via the app.

  • Advanced Reports and Analytics

The admin can use the data generated in this section to develop the app business.

  • Manage Disputes

The admin handles all disputes issues among customers, stores, and delivery executives.

Advanced Features of Delivery Solutions

  • In-App Communication

The delivery team can connect directly with users with the call/chat option available within the app if there are any questions.

  • Whishlist

Users can add their groceries in the wishlist section and continue with checkout for a belated period. 

  • Shopping List

Users can upload their shopping list into the app and schedule the delivery at the time and date of their comfort.

  • Compare Spending

Users can compare their monthly expenditure on grocery shopping, helping them in managing their budget.

  • Alerts/Reminders

Users can set alert notifications or reminders to keep themselves reminded of the monthly grocery shopping.

  • QR Code Scanning

Users can view the merchandise details pricing, ingredients, etc., via scanning the barcode on the products page.

Key Benefits of Grocery Delivery Solutions App Development

Opting for a grocery delivery app solution can yield you a number of profits. Some of them are:

100% Customizable, White-Lable Solution

Solutions are customizable, assign you to handle the app, add or remove features, and make other increases with ease.

Fits All Business Models

Single store, grocery chain, and online marketplace available for grocery delivery business.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The development team uses cutting-edge technologies for updated features.

Intuitive UI/UX

The app has a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate via the app with ease and store owners to manage their business easily.

Multi-Payment Options

Several payment modes net banking, e-wallets, credit/debit, and cash on delivery are available within the app, letting users pay at their comfort.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual

The app supports multiple languages and currencies, permit you to launch your business worldwide.

Third-Party Integration

Customized app capable to integrate third-party API for payment gateway.

Cost-Effective, Time-Saving

Custom grocery app help to order groceries at your fingertips and save your time.

How Does Wemsquare Build The Hyperlocal Grocery Delivery Solutions App? 

Understanding Need

Clients get on board, and we get to know their business model and conditions. It helps us in arising with an app that matches their hope.

Development Strategy

We research, imagination, and come up with a strategy that fits the client requirements and market conditions. That way, we can develop an app that stays ahead of the bow.

Front-End Personalization

We customize our ready-made app solution to suit the branding requirements of our clients and sure it has user-friendly, permits end-users to use it smoothly.

Back-End Setup

Back end expert team manage all backed operation and manage your data every day. We are sure it’s powerful and meets all requirements.

Rigorous Testing

Our fully functional application receives various stages of testing to sure it is free from bugs and errors. It helps us in delivering the best app to our clients.

Why Choose Wemsquare’s Grocery Delivery Solutions App Development?

Native App Solutions

We provide native app solutions to help you manage advanced app resources.

On-Time Delivery

Our expert team makes confident that your completely functional grocery delivery app is customizable and delivered on time.

App Submission Assistance

The expert team supports in-app delivery to Native App Store and Google Play Store.

App Registration Support

User miss password and user name our support team help to recover it.

Free Server Installation

We install the app scripts on your server as part of the project and make it live n no time free of cost.

Post-Launch Bug Support

Our app solutions are avoided bugs and errors because we provide bug support after launch without any real-time costs in the event of any uncertain differences.

Support Round The Clock

A support team always be available for any queries.

Complete App Scripts

After the completion of the project, we provide you with the clone app scripts. You can modify the app in the future at your comfort.

Cost Estimation

We talk about the cost of your project amount it totally depends on your business requirement so that you must clarify your all need to understand the budget.

Launch Your Grocery Delivery Business


Purchase agreements are like we will share our quote and you agree with it. During the time period, you have to pay 50% advance payment and we deliver our product.

Branding & Customization

The Design Team will provide you with an updated design of your solution with your own markings and colors. you need minor changes in the properties, they will be fixed.

Setup & Launch

In the next step, our team will set up a server and send you an application for testing.

Sign Off & Support

The app is live in the app stores, you will need to release the remaining 50% payment, and we will transfer the Whole Source with a License. If necessary, our team will teach you how to install the program.

How much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery App - Wemsquare Technologies
How much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery App – Wemsquare Technologies



How much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery Solutions App?

The cost of the grocery delivery application is based upon the two options that you choose as the development part. The first option is the payment-as-you-use model, where you rent the service from our organization.

How do I set up Grocery Delivery Solutions App?

Make a Grocery Delivery Solutions App in some Easy Steps:

  • Start with an app template.
  • Brand your app’s presence. Use your website to pull color schemes and add logos and imagery.
  • Add your product list.
  • Launch your Grocery app.

How does an On-demand Grocery Delivery platform make Money?

One of the first ways in which food delivery applications earn money is to represent the various restaurants on their platform. This is thanks to that such restaurants are likely to receive orders from customers.

Does a Grocery Delivery Solutions App Benefit Small Businesses?

Yes, the Grocery Delivery Solutions App offers benefits to small businesses. You can easily move your business offline to a web platform.

How does Grocery Delivery Solutions App Work?

The functionality of the Grocery Delivery Solutions App is based on a real-time map. Hance users can find grocery delivery app near me, maps help to find grocery app.


We offer end-to-end grocery delivery solutions for traders and business people who wish to start their businesses.

You can build an app to take your grocery business to an online platform. and connect users with grocery delivery solutions.

WEMSQUARE TECHNOLOGIES has ready-to-use solutions available for customized solutions. However, our expert team has extensive experience in building hyper-local delivery systems.

It can improve your Hyperlocal online delivery system.

Here we can help you bring web and mobile applications. online and offline support. An administrator, user, and reseller application for your business.

Buy Hyperlocal Delivery System contact us: [email protected]


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