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Gojek Clone - Wemsquare Technologies
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On-demand Multi Services App Like Gojek Clone: Gojek Clone Source Code

Gojek Clone - Wemsquare Technologies
Gojek Clone – Wemsquare Technologies

All-in-One App With Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone app is a ready-made on-demand multi-services in one single application.

Gojek clone app provides multi-services like a taxi ride, grocery delivery, food delivery, alcohol delivery, courier delivery, handyman services, and much more.

Gojek Clone Script

A Gojek clone script is a white-label app solution that offers on-demand services such as deliveries, household maintenance services, and more.

Gojek clone script is a variety of features that can be customized with respect to the customer’s requirements to grow up their business. 

Algorithm We Use For Gojek Clone

Buyer Pick Model

The customers can fill in certain details and request services. 

The buyer will be introduced to a list of service providers with a history of their profile.

They can contact the service provider to select the one that best suits their needs. 

Service providers may accept or reject a request from a customer.

Supplier Pick Model

The customer will select the app and the program in the same way by sending a request to the list of service providers.

Eg. The user is requesting a ride to the nearest or most rated service provider or alternate predefined method. 

Once the request has been approved by your panel, the customer receives the estimated time of arrival information.

Our Package Will Include

Website Installation

In addition to the app, we will also provide your business website.

Licensed Source Code 

We know that technology continues to emerge and so does your app. 

We provide you with customized source code for your needs anytime and in any way you want.

White Labelling

You can use bookmarks and logos in this white label app. 

You will be the owner of your application accordingly.

Multiple Currencies

If you want to launch your app globally, money should not limit you to that.

With our Gojek Clone Script, you can approve the use of any currency.


We strictly to our non-disclosure policy and your application or branding will never be disclosed by us.

Your app will be completely yours.


We will launch your app on both the android and iOS platforms, reviewing all regulations and ensuring that they are accepted.

User-friendly Design

Our easy-to-use and responsive design of our Gojek clone apps will not work without interruptions on all devices such as mobiles, laptops, or tablets.

Added Languages

Do not let language serve as a barrier to your business.

Launch your app in each and every language to reach a wider market.

Advantages of Our Gojek Clone Script

The launch of a multi-service app like Gojek is a tedious process, and one may need continuous effort to give life to their best app concept. 

We provide a ready-made Gojek document that provides a list of immeasurable benefits for your business.

Booking Through Website and Calls

Some people are not gadget-savvy or do not have a smartphone.

It is a bad idea not to list your potential customers. 

There are ways they can use your desired services without booking with your app. 

They can place their service requests through your website or contact your backend team through calls or availability of your services. 

Services could be configured in the same way as an app, and lastly, the user provided all the information needed to book applications.

In any case, you will never miss your target market.

63+ On-demand Services In A Single App

In today’s business world, users are attracted by solutions that offer additional benefits and additional features.

They do not wish to choose solutions that are built using conventional methods.

We have integrated 63+ much-needed resources into our Gojek clone solution to provide all types of services to users in one simple way

A Secure Shopping Experience

Users should be assured of secure delivery of their orders.

The ‘Contactless Delivery’ option allows users to access your delivery services without having to contact service providers.

The manager can provide ‘safety budgets’ to stores that follow the proper sanitation and safety procedures.

The integration of such security features into your app helps you provide a safe, better, and seamless shopping experience for your customers, even in difficult times.

What Do We Provide With Our Gojek Clone Script?

Our robust and reliable Gojek script provides many of the required services.

 From travel services, service delivery to customized repair services, we do our best to make your ideas your own. 

Following features of Gojek Clone solutions:

Android App for Users and Providers

We built an Android app for both users and app providers to ensure it works freely.

iOS App for User and Providers

The iOS app we offer is also designed to work without any delays or obstacles.

Admin Panel

The administrator app is built with many considerations to assure that it can manage and direct all the activities of users and service providers.

Dispatcher Panel

The Dispatcher panel helps to manage service bookings and send drivers.

Billing Admin Panel

The payment control panel helps generate a monthly receipt for drivers, service delivery personnel, and service providers.

 Provides administrator to keep revenue reports and keep track of revenue.

Service provider Web Panel

We are building a web panel that ensures easy navigation by the service provider. 

They can manage their daily transactions well.

Store/Restaurant Web Panel

We provide the store/restaurant with a web panel that makes transactions and transactions free.

Driver/Delivery Person iOS and Android App

The iOS and Android app for the driver or delivery person is built by us to check to make sure they work without waste.

On-demand Services - Wemsquare Technologies
On-demand Services – Wemsquare Technologies

Features of Our Gojek Clone Script

User App


Users can easily log in or log out to your app with their Email address, phone number, and social media platforms.

Nearby Drivers/Service Personnel

Users can search for the drivers or service personnel nearby their location to help with their service effortlessly.

Book Now or Book Later

Users can book their services instantly or later.

In-App Call/Chat

Users can connect with the drivers via the call or chat option available in-app.

Multiple Payment Options

Users can pay using multiple payment options, including cash, debit/credit card, e-wallets, or net banking.

Contactless Delivery

Users can notify the delivery executives to drop off their deliveries outside of their homes.

Take Away

Users can pick up their orders directly from stores.

Booking/Order History

Your booking and order history, with their invoice and related information, is a view in the section of future reference.

In-App Notifications

Users can be notified about their upcoming orders using instant push notification.

Other details like discounts and offers, app updates, or more, can also be notified.

Ratings and Reviews 

Users can rate and review their experience or services benefits. 


Users can get reward points for every successful app installation from their friends and families.

Service Provider App

Sign up/Sign in

Service providers can easily sign in or sign out with the app using their phone number, social media platforms, or e-mail address.

Upload Documents

Service providers can upload their documents into the app to verify accounts. 

After the verification process, they are allowed to give their services through the app. 

Manage Profile

Service providers can create their profile with their name, contact details, photo, area of ability, and associated details of useful reference.

Availability Toggle

Service providers can go online or offline using the toggle mode, authorize them to deliver their service only when available.

Accept / Reject Request

Service providers can accept or reject requests in their comfort. 

They can define a valid reason for rejecting a request.

Set Service Radius

Service providers can mark their service reach using the option to receive service requests only from a certain area.

GPS-Enable Navigation

Service providers can provide the best route to reach user location on time by using the GPS-enable navigation system.

Link Bank Account

Service providers can link their bank account to their profiles to receive their earnings.

Earning details

Earning the history of service providers on a daily, monthly, or annual basis is shown in-app future reference.

Service History

Service providers can see all the ongoing, completed, and canceled service requests with their details, in this section.

Accept Multiple Requests

Service providers can accept multiple service requests at a time if the requests are from nearby locations.

User Feedback

Service providers can share their feedback regarding the users for whom they have delivered their services.

Store App

Store profile

Store managers can create a profile for their stores with details like the store name, opening and closing time, location, and similar information.

Categories and Subcategories

Store managers can list all products in their store on the app under different categories and subcategories to allow users to find them easily.

Minimum Order Value

Store managers can place a minimum amount to place orders.

Users can place an order when it goes above this value.

Manage Orders

Store managers can manage the continuing, completed, and canceled orders in this section.

Instant Notification

Store managers are updated about the user requests directly via in-app push notifications.

They will be notified when delivery partners are ready for their order delivery.

Order Tracking

Store managers can track orders until they reach user locations after it has been delivered to delivery partners.

View Earning

Store managers can see their salaries daily, weekly, or monthly in this section.

Customer Support

Store managers can connect with their customers directly in case of any issue with the order delivered.

Admin Panel

Intuitive Dashboard

The admin can see all ongoing services by the admin dashboard. 

They can manage them and take action if need.

Manage Users

The admin can manage the profiles of users registered with the app. They can get information whenever they want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Manage Service Providers

The admin can accept or reject the request of service providers to deliver their services through the app.

Manage Store

The administrator can manage app-registered stores and may decide to remove them from the ecosystem for any valid reason.

Toggle Mode

The administrator can choose to provide only some of the most needed services in the app and close the rest using the conversion mode.

Commission Cut-down

The manager can process funds for service managers and store owners after deducting a platform for services rendered by the platform.

Offers and Discount

The manager can share the offers and discounts for users who receive their services regularly, increasing their sales on a large scale.


The administrator can view user questions and resolve them to get better application information. 

Delivery managers and store managers can also reach out to managers in case they need help.

View Reviews and Ratings

The administrator can view the review and feedback shared by users. 

Necessary steps can be taken to maintain the quality of service.

Analytics and Reports

Analysis reports are generated with business development information. 

A manager can use this information to make informed business decisions.

What is Gojek Clone - Wemsquare Technologies
What is Gojek Clone – Wemsquare Technologies


1. What is Gojek Clone?

Gojek Clone is a ready-made on-demand multi-services in one single application.
Gojek clone provides multi-services like a taxi ride, Grocery delivery, Food delivery, Alcohol delivery, Courier delivery, and much more.

2. What is the on-demand business included in the Gojek Clone app?

In the Gojek clone app, there are more than 63+ on-demand businesses included such as transportation, delivery services, car repairs, massage, towing, etc.

3. How do you make an app like Gojek?

Easy step to make an app like Gojek:
Selecting the Platform. There are 3 options for app development.
1. Feature List. To build a great app like Gojek, here are some of the most important features you should include in your app.
2. Technical Stack.
3. Design and Development.
4. Test and live streaming.

4. How does Gojek make money?

On-demand businesses sign up with Gojek Clone to benefit their sales.
Gojek clone charges a commission fee on each order.

5. Is Gojek Clone is a successful business model?

Yes, Gojek Clone is a successful business model and Wemsquare Technologies help you every step of the way.


We offer end-to-end Gojek Clone app solutions for business people who wish to start their online businesses.

You can build an app to take your business to an online platform to connect users with Gojek Clone.

WEMSQUARE TECHNOLOGIES has ready-to-launch solutions available for the customized apps.

Our expert team has extensive experience in building hyper-local delivery systems.

Here we can help you bring web and mobile applications and online and offline support.

An administrator, user, and reseller application for your business.

Contact us for more information: [email protected]

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