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Most trusted hyperlocal delivery solution for the ride-hailing business

Shadowfax clone is an on-demand hyperlocal delivery solution that helps expand business reach by providing hyperlocal delivery services to vendors anytime they want. With complete tech support and easy to use interface, inspire vendors to start using hyperlocal delivery services whenever they need. The latest tech support ensures to meet vendors’ expectations and helps in delivering the required services. Fantastic modules and features integration provide great convenience and luxury to vendors. The hyperlocal marketplace as the name suggests is a market that caters to the needs of a limited geographical area. A walk around your residence would most definitely make you come across a similar market, however big or small but self-sufficient in its own right, fulfilling almost all the requirements of the local residents.

100% Customizable
Customizable Apps as per your requirement.
Secure with OAuth 2.0
We have implemented secure payment and login algorithms.
User friendly UI/UX
Vendors can customized app UI and flow as per their choice and business need.
Enhance efficiency
Cut down on costs and workload, instead increase speed and the overall performance with our top tier automation technology.
White label, Pre-built solution
We have Ready-made solutions available to launch on an instant basis.
Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or “organic“.
You’re In Good Company

Kick-start Your
Hyperlocal Delivery Service

Customers will select the service and system algorithmically matches by sending requests to the list of service providers.

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Mobiz Taxi

Screenshots & Features

System Overview

Highlighted Features of Our Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App
  • Android Application
  • iOS Application
  • Admin Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Fleet Panel
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Screenshots & Features

Free Customisations

Stripe Payment Gateway

In order to support the requirements of our clients, we offer to integrate the best payment gateway that can assure of secure transactions done through the solution we provide

Color & Logo Change

We offer Apps color and logo option to assure that your apps reflect your brand and website easily. Our ace designer team help you to craft a top-notch level app theme with no extra charge.

Language Change

The hyperlocal delivery business market is broad and multi-region. It’s possible that the nearby region has a community that speaks a different language. In our hyperlocal delivery app region there is no bar.

Currency Change

We integrate local currency integration features to providing more easy services to your customer. This feature works dynamically means you handle multi-country business with our solution.
Awesome Features

Our App Features

With the most advanced features, our Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App will enable you to create a niche for you in the market and thus expand your reach.

Native iOS Application

The iOS Apps are developed with the latest Technology of Native Swift Language using Xcode

Native Android Application

The Android Apps are developed in the Native Java Language using Android Studio (Version 3.2) IDE.

Free Server Installation

After buying our product, we take the sole responsibility to install our website scripts into your server. Our websites are 100% responsive, which is compatible with any tablet/mobile devices.

Free App Submission

Our team will help you in uploading your application on both App Store and Play store and if an issue occurs, our team will guide you with proper guidance

Free Bug Support

We work hard to deploy a bug-free product and if you find any bugs we will fix it for free in the support period

App Rejection Support

We are very careful that our apps should not be rejected for technical reasons. We will help you if any such issue arises, and guide you with proper explanation

Full Source Code

We will provide 100% customisable source code where you can customise as per your requirements

Global Solution

Multi-language and multi-currency support ensures that our app can work in many countries across the globe.

End to End Support

End-to-End Support by ourHyperlocal Delivery Solution App developers team to ensure seamless deployment and launch.

Admin Dashboard

Get a quick summary about the details of rides and also the performance of your application

Manage Vendors & Drivers

Admin can easily manage the details of users and drivers who have registered on the application.

Manage Vehicles

Admin can add a number of cars and its details will be managed with a separate option.

Manage Dispatcher

A separate panel will be allocated for a dispatcher for assigning ride requests.

Reports And Analytics

Admin can completely track the ride details and can export details for future reference.

Track Drivers

Admin can view and track the real-time driver availability and current location on a map.

Feet Management

Admin panel offers secured login and admins can track the vehicles easily. The fleet owners can manage their vehicles and drivers using this panel.

Role Management

Admin can create multiple roles for other admin users and create your own dynamic role login as per requirement

Manage Clusters

Manage or create a cluster using geo fencing to specify serviceable area for getting orders and assign to all drivers

Manage Wallets

Vendor’s have wallet and all order charges, taxes, and commissions deducted, will be displayed as ‘negative value’ in the wallet

Manage Transections

The Transaction done with the admin will be displayed in the transaction page

Manage Documents

Drivers should register on the application with the necessary documents. Drivers can edit or upload documents in the application.

Email & Mobile Verification

The verification process is completed once the OTP is sent to his/her mobile number

Manage Profiles

Users can manage their profile where they can edit details like name, email and mobile number with OTP verification

Referral System

The driver can referrals other drivers and can earn more and can get coupons.

In-App Advertising

Admin can upload images of advertising or any new announcement and it will display in application

Driver's Kits

System owners can give kits like T-shirt, beg, cap, etc. for branding and keep product safe that all kit management can be done from admin panel

Alerts on Ride Status

Both the user and the driver receive timely trip-related updates like ride status and promo details via push notifications, SMS, email and so on.

Reporting Locations

Admin can add multiple reporting locations in the admin panel. The driver will need to reach at reporting location when he will start duty or start delivering orders

Manage Slots

The driver needs to book a slot when the driver goes online. All slot will be published under-reporting locations

Manage Payout

Admin can manage payouts or drivers and vendor charges from the admin panel. The payout system is very flexible admin can create own payout template

Live Order Tracking

Rider will get real-time updates for ride accepted, driver arrival, begin ride, end ride or cancel.

Interview Locations

Admin can create an interview location where the new joinee driver will find a nearby interview location for start doing order deliveries

More than Just Business

What Do We

We are into white-label Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App development services where we can develop the application with the best of features. With our seasoned developers,
Create a Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App with extensive customization and build by integrating it with specifications as per your requirements.
Our clone apps are flexible to customise anytime you want and are cost-effective compared to an app that has to be created from scratch.
We provide the Trinity of apps for the Driver, Rider, and Admin. These three apps together form the fully functional Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App.
We help you to launch your app on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store with all the necessary details needed to launch your app.
Your Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App will contain a powerful order dispatcher panel that will function in the admin app for your administrator to dispatch the rides requested by the customers.
An admin panel will help you to have a rein on both the driver and the rider apps. This admin panel will have an eye on serving the customers and drivers.
Solutions for all your logistics needs

Service Types

Delivering smart logistics solutions across industries. We are committed to delivering efficient solutions that save you time and money
Food Delivery
The Food & Beverage industry has evolved drastically over the past 5 years. From the days of free home delivery, today the customer is willing to pay more for the convenience of round-the-clock delivery.
Grocery Delivery
The grocery retail sector is undergoing major transformations, owing to rapidly changing consumer behavior, ever-expanding choice of food items, and regulatory controls. Consumers need a diverse range of products, delivered in lightning-fast fashion.
Medicine Delivery
In the past 30 years, the Indian pharma sector has transformed from being non-existent to a world leader. It’s success hinges on effective supply chain management with time-sensitive, patient-centric, & cost-effective services.
E-Com Delivery
As the Ecommerce domain is undergoing seismic shifts to accommodate such growing needs of customers, the one thing that can simultaneously fill these critical gaps is an effective & integrated logistics network that delivers on speed, time, accuracy, & cost-savings.
Apparels Delivery
The fashion industry is fast, seasonal, highly globalized, and increasing its reach across tier 2 cities in India. Customers today not only demand ultra-fast delivery of the latest fashion items but also need a hassle-free returns experience coupled with flexible payment methods.
FMCG Delivery
One of the key drivers of FMCG growth is robust logistics - consumer-friendly delivery/return modules that augment convenience as per changing consumer lifestyles & habits. Consumers today want ( & are ready to pay for) speedy and hassle-free FMCG deliveries.
Multiple Order Types

Order Types

Mulitple orders can be deliver using our hyperlocal delivery solution

Single Store OrdersBasic Order Flow

Standard orders have one pick up location and one delivery location


Multi Stores OrderMulti Pickup Order Flow

Multi pickup orders have more than one pick up location and one delivery location


Subscription or Slotted OrdersMulti Drop Order Flow

Multi drop orders have one pick up location and more than one delivery location

Technologies we work with

Technologies we Handle

We at Wemsquare believe that the right way to architect and develop an app is to seamlessly blend our technological prowess with your vision.
Want to see your App Develop?

Connect With Tech Team

We are available to discuss your project 24x7x365. Once we have an alignment about the details of the project, you are invited to see your App created in front of your eyes at our development centre

Tech team will help arrange a smooth travel for you to our development center in India. You can witness all the enhancements of your app. Get in touch with her if you have any queries related to visa, tickets and other travel hurdles that you might face.

If you want you hire our tech team for your business technical support please connect with us regarding more information.

If you’d like to talk to our consulting team, contact us via the quick chat or call here you go.

Name : Bhaumik Patel
Technical guide

App Specification

Tech We Have

Range Of Technologies Supporting Our Product
We use iOS Swift Technology by Apple to design and develop our iOS applications. Xcode is our integrated development environment.
Our Android applications are built on high-end protocol such as Native Java Technology authored by Google. Android studio is our IDE.
Our adept app developers build a pixel perfect UI that is both easy to use and highly interactive
Our Hyperlocal Delivery Solution Apps, web panels are backed by highly sophisticated TypeScript NodeJS.
Designed to seamlessly function on the popular servers like Linux, AWS cloud server, and Shared server.
For location and navigation ease, our applications are integrated with Google maps API.
How do we work

Our Development Process

Apart from providing a white-labeled Hyperlocal Delivery Solution App, we can also guide you through the entire process of app development from analyzing your business requirements and deployment to final launch and post-development support.
Wemsquare Proposal

Request A Callback

If you’d like to talk to our consulting team, contact us via the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Connect with us

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Copyright by Wemsquare Enterprises. All rights reserved.