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Why On Demand Taxi App is a great investment for you ?

Digital innovations are continuously creating more comfortable lives for people every day. From ordering food to hunting for a job, mobile apps are there to show light to the users to help them get their customized solutions. On-Demand Taxi App is one of such kind of solutions offered.

Now you would ask me why you should invest in taxi dispatch apps. Well, the reason is simple. For the comfort of one-click booking, the public has started betraying all traditional booking practices !!

Since their launching a few years back, on-demand taxi apps have witnessed rapid growth because of their user-friendly nature. What does that mean? It means a great futuristic opportunity for taxi operators and owners. Now I will give some reasons why you should invest in an on-demand taxi app.

The rising dependence on On-demand Taxi Apps amidst COVID – 19

It is not new that COVID-19 has adversely impacted the whole economy and taxi operators are one of them due to lockdown. As per sources, the global taxi as well as limousine services market is anticipated to decline from $83 billion in 2019 to $46.7 billion in 2020, at a shocking negative CAGR of 43.7%.

Apparently, there can not be a single factor responsible for this drastic decline. Countries across the globe had to take some strict measures like lockdown and social distancing measures have taken a toll on taxi booking and usage. Apart from that, closed offices and shops, work from home has reduced the demand for on-demand taxi service. Also, there were restrictions on public rides like buses, trains, and taxis.

But now, as everything is slowly moving towards normalizing, the taxi industry will also see a revival. The market should be back to normal by the end of 2021, which is a decent growth of 6.5% making the industry to reach $94.4 billion by 2023.

COVID – 19 has changed riding habits and On-demand Taxi Apps are the solution

As we know that people were highly dependent on ride-hailing taxi service for their daily commute before the outbreak of the pandemic. But after the fear of transmission of the corona, people are more cautious in going out. On-demand taxi apps provide them a safe solution that can make riders feel more comfortable than traditional ride-hailing services.

Now, I will let you know the reasons for Investing in an On-Demand Taxi App

One of the major reasons is that it provides a one-touch convenient booking experience to customers.

People can get in touch with the drivers in real-time.

Not just that but we are increasing the rapid use of the internet and smartphones. So, it is not tough to guess that how much growth On-Demand Taxi apps will have in the future.

1 More convenient than traditional taxi booking

Millennials love smartphones. They love all services in one touch over their mobile. If you take care of their convivence they reward good. Today’s generation does not have the patience of calling for cabs, waiting over the call. On-Demand Taxi apps provide what delights your clients. It provides one-touch booking, real-time touch base with the driver, the profile of the driver, hassle-free online payment.

Not just that, also online apps are useful in scaling up your business because online space provide you bigger market and better reach than traditional practices..

2. It provides  feedback on real-time bases

The major limitation of traditional business is that you can not get an insight into what your riders think about your services. On-Demand Apps save your market research cost by providing you real-time feedback of the customer who used your service. So, that you can directly get information on how your service can be improved. On-demand taxi app has a built feature that directs your riders to provide their feedback.

3. GPS based location tracking of Driver

This app provides a feature that allows riders to track the real-time location of the driver. Likewise, the driver also gets the location of the rider. That helps the driver to reach the rider conveniently, on time, by short traffic-less route with the help of an online GPS enabled map. Ultimately it saves the cost of drivers by reducing fuel consumption and customers get satisfied seeing on-time service.

4 Scale up your business on the back of the Digital revolution

Earlier say 20 years back it was difficult to get riders for drivers because of the lack of such a platform that connects riders and nearby drivers. It was tough for riders to find the taxi on time. On-Demand taxi apps have filled up that gap. Riders directly get information about nearby drivers. So you don’t have to go find your riders but riders come to find you! Also, convenient online payment has made the whole process very smooth.

What do you think about On-demand apps? Let me know in the comment section or connect back with me here to know more about it.

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