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ON DEMAND CUSTOMIZE Online taxi booking software

Taxi booking software-wem square
Taxi booking software-wem square

Online taxi booking software

Our online taxi booking software empowers taxi businesses in 20+ countries to increase boarding, save time, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

 Digital your taxi business with the world’s favorite taxi booking app.

What is the future of boarding apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft?

Have you ever wondered how quickly technology takes certain processes in all areas of business? 

When did you last raise your hand to stop the cab? 

Due to the development of the Online taxi booking software booking.

We have embraced new technological advances to stem the tide of globalization. 

Today, smartphones have made our services more accessible by making demanding booking services such as a taxi booking app like uber.

There are many Fleet management system apps required on the market, each allowing us to book a cab in just minutes with ease. Within minutes.

 your pre-arranged taxi will arrive at your destination and take you there.

TFleet management system app development shows a business that benefits money and time by creating apps for customers’ mobile devices. 

Using taxi systems, you can communicate with two main locations simultaneously: passengers and taxi drivers, who are visible to you in the same category.

Online taxi booking app/website

Build with the ultimate goal of empowering businesses with affordable technology solutions, 

We at Appicial Applications are committed to our commitment. We provide all the features within your uber clone,

 which are essential for running a company developing an Online taxi booking.

 Our dedicated team of experts leaves no stone unturned in providing the best service in front of our customers.

 This team is skilled and has a lot of experience in delivering many applications over the years so know the best that helps you speed up your taxi business.

We are developing and developing a much-needed Online taxi booking software development solution.

 Our taxi app is simple and safe to use and is already used by many taxi business companies like Uber. 

In addition, we provide a ready-to-use taxi script that you can use to launch your online taxi booking software business.

 We share expertise in providing taxi development services, especially in Online taxi booking development, Uber food delivery.

 Medical Delivery, Doctor On-demand, On-Demand laundry, and dry cleaning app, and much more.

our Online taxi booking software is a pre-made Uber Clone app.

 a completely white label Online taxi booking software that can be customized according to business needs. Uber app-based on intuitive.

 responsive panels, our script promises a seamless user experience. 

Our complete product has three applications: Ride System.

, Driving System and Control Panel (allowing the manager to monitor and monitor Perfect Drivers and Riders).

 Some additional features come with the outer Online taxi booking  Taxi App, including fare management, geolocation tracking,

 Multicity features like price, cost, category, language, and much more in the city. successful business. We are an experienced 

Features of  Online taxi booking software


We have the most advanced algorithm for the airport line. The app automatically detects existing pilots at the airport and sends a message


Advance feature for driver performance. Calculated by dividing the number of rides received by the total number of rides received.


Also, for the company or drivers to know the performance of the ride completion rate, We have an advanced feature in our online taxi booking app.

 It is the number of completed passengers divided by the number of passengers accepted and accepted.


To be more secure and to avoid sharing contact information, we have an in-depth taxi discussion of the system and call function for passengers and drivers.

Transfers and rewards

Transfer signals and rewards to earn cash rewards from existing passengers/drivers and access new ones.


We have a toll feature that calculates the extra toll on your trip.

Custom Taxi Booking Software for Vehicle Management System

Peer To Peer Ride Business Sharing

Enhance your travel business with the best mobile apps from us and get more commission from the service.

Car Pooling & Rental Business

Car rental and sharing are trending. Trading with such solutions will help you increase the value of your business in the market.

Small / Large Businesses

Every business has special needs. You can have a startup or a business company, we can help you build apps for your customized business.

passenger app

More subscriptions

Many subscriptions such as Facebook, phone number, email attract more users to use your apps, so use your business with this much-needed feature.

Verified users

When the user of your business app is confirmed that it promises the integrity and good behavior of the app and saves the user from an unpleasant situation.

Great Quick Search

The rate of application depletion is based on the performance of the application. 

Therefore to increase the error search of the app, a built-in algorithm can be installed.

Instant notifications

Inform your passengers of the state of the emergency board request using Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology. 

This identifies the app as a responsive service provider.

Live Geo – Tracking

The “Geo Tracking” feature helps the user to view driver roaming. It is a must-have for any wanted taxi business.

In-app payments

Multiple app payments such as Paypal, wallet, or cash options production promptly, If will increase the usability of the business app. So add payment methods to make it easier

Rating and Review

Ratings and reviews will make the business more accessible. It also serves as a platform to give users the freedom to share their knowledge.

 Incorporating this important feature will have a huge impact on the business.

Cancel Booking Request

In business, it is also necessary to comfort passengers in every possible way.

 By providing a direct booking option, the trust and firmness of the business will be maintained.

Taxi Booking Solution-wem square
Taxi Booking Solution-wem square

Drivers App 

Document Management

Driver verification can be easily done during the registration process by keeping documents such as driver’s license, insurance, RC documents, 

and vehicle permit. Also, profit and safe for both the driver and your business.

Canceling Option

The ease of refusing a request for a trip if it is not available to take the trip or in any emergency provides the flexibility of the drivers and helps to increase the level of service.

Rating and Review

Accepting the driver’s experience and dealing with their reviews is the best way to pioneer a business model in a balanced way.

 so a platform to share their thoughts on evaluation and review is worth building.

Leading Report

A clear report on earnings will help the driver keep track of daily, weekly, or monthly.

Switch to online or offline mode

Working 24/7 as a driver is not possible so if you look at the operating time of the drivers.

 switching the option between online and offline mode increases the accuracy of the driver availability and reduces the calculation of the cancellation request.

Seamless Map Merge

With proper navigation, the driver can arrive at the pick-up point or place it in the ETA area without any problems.

 This feature can keep customers and drivers engaged within the app.

Invoice Generation In App

The majority of people select and request the production of invoices for reference. Incorporating this option within the app will satisfy customer needs.

Bank Account Consolidation

Consolidation of a bank account plays a major role in disregarding the calculation of drivers’ fees. This option also provides convenience and confidence for drivers.

Admin panel

User-friendly dashboard

An easy-to-use and easy-to-use dashboard help you to view business operations smoothly within the dashboard in a graphical display and all business views can be easily accessed.

Driver Management

Driver management is a significant factor that should be considered in the travel-sharing business. Within the dashboard itself.

 you can view the status of the driver status as online or offline.

Passenger management

Passenger consumption rates are associated with business promotion so managing passengers and their needs are important. 

You can easily scan and manage passengers with the control panel.

Carry a sum of money

In this case, you can enjoy the luxury of managing the amount owed or in some cases the amount of credit without dispute in the digital format within the control panel itself.


Ratings from both driver and passenger can be viewed and handled properly.

Manage money

Depending on the location of the business, you can choose the currency you like or check the required number of currency options to make it easier for the user to easily manage.

 Map View

Locations of app users and passengers, visible from the control panel itself help to familiarize each other with the sequence.

Manage promo code

If you are offered or at other times, the promo code options row has higher credits. 

So to grow the business in a better way you can use this feature within the control panel.



We have provided many local languages ​​to help resolve driver communication concerns.

Pay more

We are covered with many popular payment methods and many payment methods such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

Smart Fare Management System

A smart fare management system is a system where the automatic travel calculation includes all parameters such as distance, time, fare, taxes, fees, etc.

Change Application and Color

We can customize the logo and color in our application depending on customer requirements.

Lots of money

We combine many features of local currency integration to provide simpler services to your customers.

Real Driving Time Tracking

The passenger can get the driver’s real-time status such as, on the road, limited arrival time, etc.

Transfers and Rewards

Let users and drivers invite their friends and help you expand the domain of users and drivers. If any post joins the referee you will receive benefits.

Ride Now or Later

The passenger can book a taxi ride now Or schedule passengers using a calendar with a date and time later using the “later departure” option.

How Do We Work?

Meeting Needs

Before working on creating an online taxi script we have collected all the key requirements to develop the app effectively.

Needs Analysis

After gathering important information, needs and processes are thoroughly analyzed to make the business solution much better.


We work continuously with active tech team members and use the latest technology to develop the script in an effective way that is fully suited to the market.


Before introducing the script to the market, we are sure to check the script to be working properly and without bugs and a good navigation process.

On-Time Delivery 

After testing multiple sets, we are committed to delivering seamless scripts on time ready to provide one of the best solutions to our business client.

Your Custom taxi booking app

If you are an entrepreneur and want to start your own business with the taxi business.

 get your business digital. Become a respected taxi industry leader in your region with Online Taxi Booking Solution development solutions Create your Taxi Booking Solution like Uber and Ola which will give you all the features you need in your app like taxi booking, payment options, find nearby taxis, etc. 

This app should have profile and driver status, warning for the new order, navigation, ratings, reports, and all other driver and owner information

WeMSquare Technologies is understandable

At WeMSquare Technologies, Stand Together! We believe there is a better way to take your business online. 

If you are online and feel about your Software/App /Website, your sensible marketing responsibilities, or keeping your online product safe.

 The most important, less aggressive way customers find is rather than buying. 

We love it, and our goal is to help people reach it. We focus on all aspects of your project load-ty. 

And giving you the power to succeed through web technology, we see that as an opportunity.

 We are excited to make the Global Digital easier for everyone with our skills, software, education, app community.

The Services We Provide

  •  Websites
  •  Mobile applications
  •  E-commerce
  • ERP / CRM
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Comment
  •  Banner ad design
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  SEO / SMM


  • uber cloneWhite label, Pre-built solution
  • uber clone app100% Customizable
  • uber clone scriptFaster Algorithm
  • uber cloneMulti-location Support (multi-city)
  • uber clone app secure with OAuth 2.0
  • uber clone optimized – Best Algorithm designed to improve user experience
  • uber clone scripts user-friendly UI/UX
  • uber clone appLower User Waiting Time
  • uber clone script setup of Server, Installation & Deployment
  • uber clone app Launch on both iOS and Android platforms
  • uber clone app free Technical Support
Fleet management system-wem square
Fleet management system-wem square


How do I create a taxi booking app?

Choose the best app. Customize it to have a better user experience.
Enter your favorite features. Create a Taxi Booking without encoding.
Publish your taxi booking app worldwide. Grow your taxi business with your mobile app.

How do I start a taxi business online?

GPS Utilities. Your taxi booking request must be shown by GPS. 
Fully Combined. All your business activities need to be fully integrated with the app so that users do not have to go anywhere to get information. 
Payment Gate.

How does the taxi app work?

When the trip is completed, passengers must pay the fare. The taxi booking app calculates prices according to distances traveled and basic fares.
 Depending on the performance of the drivers, users can provide ratings and updates to the app. Even drivers can balance their knowledge with their customers.

Is taxi service profitable?

In the united states, the taxi industry puts in about 7000 institutions with an estimated $ 6 billion combined annually.
 There are no big companies that control the industry, isolated. The taxi industry is looking for more workers: the annual income of each worker is about ₹ 70,000.

What are the objectives of the online taxi booking system?

Keeping the details of the booking number for the current month. 
Maintaining taxi route details. 
Keeping cancellation details and booking changes for the current month. 
Keeping records of all employees of all routes.

How do I customize my app?

Generate an app view.
Do competitive market research.
Write down the features of your app.
Make design mockups for your app.
Create an image layout for your app.
Integrate an app marketing program.
Build an app with one of these options.
Send your app to the App Store. taxi

What qualifications do you need to be a taxi driver?

Although there are no minimum qualifications to be a Taxi Driver, to successfully get a license you need to be at least 21 years old and have a clean driver’s license.
There are three types of driver’s license:
Hackney cart.
Private rental.
Included – which allows you to drive both classes of cars

What is taxi dispatch software?

The taxi/software delivery system is a way of assigning tasks to drivers registered with the software system. … The Taxi Dispatch System is designed to reduce customer use to book a taxi, and helps to manage their information by the taxi company.

Will taxi drivers become obsolete?

However, while taxi and Uber may be the first jobs to be outdated by private vehicles, these advanced technologies have the potential to bring back at least 20 times as many jobs, all of which are very lucrative.













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