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Grocery Delivery app for the online grocery business.


online grocery business

online grocery business and delivery app.

Grocery is essential for every home. We customize grocery delivery apps for the online grocery business. nowadays in pandemic daily routine life is more difficult than before.

People are choosing online services instead of outdoor shopping. 

The grocery delivery app provides delivery at the customer’s doorstep. Using an online delivery app people can order groceries from nearby stores and deliver them to customers’ locations.

customers can reorder their past order swiftly it saves their time. 

In the grocery delivery app, customers can track their order and know about the real-time status. customers can schedule their delivery order according to their convenience.

Workflow of A Grocery Delivery Clone App Solution

Sign Up/Sign In

Users have to register their account in the grocery delivery clone app if the user is using it for the first time or log in if they have already registered.

Search For Grocery Store

users can search for the list of grocery stores available nearby their location in the app.

Add To Cart

when a user finds their grocery store which is convenient to their needs, they can add the list of groceries they need to the cart.

Order Checkout

users can proceed to checkout after adding all required groceries. they can pay using any of the payment methods available in the app.

Order Processing

Once the grocery store receives the requests, they process and hand them over to the delivery personnel.

Track order

users can track their orders after ordering. they can check the real-time status of their order.

Doorstep Delivery

our delivery personnel delivered grocery orders to the customer’s doorstep.

Review And Ratings

After receiving the order customers can give their valuable reviews about the app service and also rate the app according to their experience with the app.

delivery order-delivery app-Wemsquaretechnologies
delivery order-delivery app-Wemsquaretechnologies
Grocery Delivery App clone have four module
  • User App
  • Delivery Personnel App
  • Store Manager App
  • Admin Panel

Online grocery business User App

Easy Onboarding

Users can sign up or log in to the app using their email address and phone number, or they can also use their social media account.

Advanced Search

Users can search for groceries using the search and filter option which can help them to choose their groceries quickly without any difficulty from the app.

Add To Cart

The list of groceries that a customer from the grocery store can be added to the cart.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The grocery delivery app has multiple payment options for customers. like debit cards, net banking, app wallet, etc.

Schedule Delivery

Users can schedule their delivery at the date and time according to their convenience.

Order Tracking

Users can track their orders using a GPS-enable navigation system built into the app.

Ratings And Reviews

Users can rate the app and service and also give their valuable reviews about the service.

Order History

Users will view their past and ongoing order history in this section.


Users can reorder groceries they ordered in the past swiftly.

Offers And Discounts

 All the details of the latest offers and discounts are shown here.

Push Notifications

The user will be notified of the status of orders by notification.

Help And Support Section

All  users’ questions will be addressed here

online grocery business Delivery Personnel App


Delivery managers can sign up for the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Document Verification

When registering, managers must upload a few documents to verify their authenticity. they can begin to offer their service once they are approved.

Availability Toggle

Delivery personnel can only receive requests if they are available.

Accept/Reject Requests

they can accept or cancel order requests at their own comfort. If canceled, the appeal will be sent to the next service delivery personnel.

GPS-Enabled Navigation

delivery personnel can track the location of grocery stores and customers on the app.

Status Update

After receiving the order from the grocery store and delivering it to customers, they can update every status on the app.


driver personnel can see the details of their daily,

weekly, and monthly basis earnings details here.

Push Notifications

delivery personnel will be notified about the new order request immediately.

Online Grocery Business Store Manager App


After registering with the online grocery business, the store manager can log in to the app with the provided credentials.

Manage Products

the store managers can list all the products available in their stores. they can add or delete products in the list anytime.

Manage Categories

products can be listed under different categories and subcategories. making it easy for vendors to find the products they need.

Inventory Management 

the store manager can make changes to the number of available products and their pricing details.

Receive Orders

Order requests from customers will be sent to the store manager for computing.

Manage Orders

managers can easily manage orders that are under processing, scheduled, and dispatched.

Payment Tracking

details of payment which is either completed or pending are available here.

Earnings Reports

the store manager can view their daily basis earning details here in the app.

Real-Time Tracking

the store manager can track delivery personnel traveling to customer locations for delivery.

Customer Support

Customers can directly connect with the store manager in case of any query with their orders.

Online Grocery Business App Admin Panel

Powerful Admin Dashboard

The admin can manage all operations through a robust and user-friendly dashboard.

Verify Delivery Executives

Once the admin verifies the profile of the delivery executive then the delivery executive approves for joining the platform.

Manage Stores

The admin can verify and list multiple grocery stores on the app and manage them for seamless functioning.

Manage Customers

admin approve customers requests when they register in the app and store their details for future purposes.

Assign Orders

admin assigns orders to delivery personnel for delivery from the admin panel.

Track Orders

admin can view the status of the placed order here.

Manage Payments

admin can manage completed and ongoing payments here.

Manage Offers And Discounts

The admin can create offers, discounts, and deals for services available through the app.

Advanced Reports And Analytics

Admin can generate reports of data here to grow the online grocery business.

Manage Disputes

the admin can handle all disputations that appear among customers, stores, and delivery personnel.

How does the grocery delivery app work?-delivery app-Wemsquaretechnologies
How does the grocery delivery app work?-delivery app-Wemsquaretechnologies


1) How does the grocery delivery app work?

When a customer registers their account on the online grocery business delivery app when customers search for a nearby store and for grocery.

after choosing the grocery they add that item to the cart and then send a request for order delivery.

after receiving a request from a customer store manager will verify the customer’s details and the store manager assign the order to delivery personnel.

after taking the order delivery personnel will go to the customer’s location and delivered the order to the doorstep.

2) What are the features of the online grocery Business app?

1. advanced search
2.advanced search.
3.add to cart.
4.multiple payment gateways.
5.schedule delivery.
6.order tracking.
7.rating and reviews.
8.order history.
10.offers and discounts.
11push notifications. and support section.

3) What are the benefits of online grocery delivery service?

  • easily order from home.
  • you get your grocery from your nearby store at home with just a click.
  • Customers can reorder the groceries they ordered in the past swiftly to save their time.
  • customers can track their orders and check the status of their orders.
  • customers have an entire purchase history in the order history section.
  • Customers will be notified about the status of the order via notifications.
  • customers can schedule their delivery according to their convenience.
  • Customers can connect with the admin for any query.
  • 4) How do I make a grocery delivery app?

    make a grocery delivery app in 4 easy steps.

  • start with app clone. Our clones are pre-loaded with the features you need to build a grocery delivery app.
  • brand your app’s appearance. use your existing website to pull color schemes and add logos and imagery.
  • add your product list.
  • launch your grocery app.
  • 5) Is a grocery delivery business profitable?

    Grocery delivery services are often very profitable online grocery business ventures, nowadays because of pandemics there is risk in outdoor shopping and grocery is essential for every home so, without going outdoors getting grocery at doorstep is more beneficial for people and now people choose home delivery. instead of going outdoors and buying.

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