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A NFT Marketplace to trade Digital Arts

The NFT Marketplace development is very essential for the business model to safely trade non-fungal tokens. We help you develop your innovative NFT Marketplace development platform with our core features. We develop your NFT Marketplace platform with various blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology is the main focus of the distributed security framework on the platform.

Our NFT marketplace development company is enriched with world-class technical means to develop your NFT market. We will provide excellent design and development services to your market. We carefully design your NFT market using these impressive token standards and develop the platform with excellent NFT smart contract control solutions. Wemsquare technologies is committed to providing the best possible services. We continually monitor your NFT market and provide ongoing support for software updates.


The Diverse Sectors That Can Benefit From NFTs

  • art-icon


    Digital artwork is one of the most valuable assets in the NFT Art marketplaces. These arts are mostly a blend of creativity and technology. The artists use Oracles (blockchain to interact with external data) and smart contracts to create images that can be sold for a high value.

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    Digital Collectibles

    The first and foremost NFTs that taught people how to use them are digital collectibles. Not to forget the CryptoKitties, which jammed Ethereum in the year 2017. CryptoKitties was a simple concept of buying digital kittens and breeding them to make unique kittens. The list of collectibles goes on.

  • virtual-aaset-icon

    Virtual Assets

    Decentraland allows users to buy and own virtual land and build on them. These virtual assets can also be sold to other individuals.

  • domain-name-icon

    Domain Names

    This is another use case of NFTs where Ethereum Name Service (ENS) allows the user to exchange a long string number for a domain name < myname.eth > This allows the user to have a better user experience.

  • identity-icon


    Integration of NFTs in identification cards can avoid identification frauds. The medical records, Work IDs, Voter IDs, and more can be turned into NFTs. Digital creators can turn their works into NFTs to avoid copyright issues.

  • social-token

    Social Tokens

    The Social tokens are mostly based on communities or individuals. It can be something similar to be a part of a community like an apartment or subscribing to a newsletter from an art club.


Experience the Ability of End-to-End Customization.

  • BootStrap HTML

    Admin Panels and Front-end are in BootStrap HTML with the latest structure.

  • Laravel

    Backend and all the APIs are in Laravel (MySQL) with the latest structure.

  • MySQL

    All tables and database is created in MySQL which is very secure and Simple.

  • Android (Flutter)

    Android Application is developed in Flutter language with the latest structure.

  • iOS (Flutter)

    iOS Application is developed in Swift Language with the latest structure.

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NFT Marketplace

The Characteristics of Non Fungible Tokens

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    NFT interoperability feature allows NFT to be traded in multiple markets and virtual environments. This allows NFT token holders to take advantage of the application’s advanced trading capabilities, offers, bundling, marketing and specific currencies.

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    The contribution of non-fungible tokens to the public blockchain allows developers to create relevant common, reusable and underlying standards for all non-fungible tokens. These include basic primitives such as transfer of ownership and simple access control of the object you are tokenizing. This allows the standardization of your collectibles displayed in NFTs to be displayed on the market.

  • coins-2452_3800c0d7-bb74-4470-909a-e107b62b50e6


    The credibility immediately of the non-fungible sign will lead to high liquidity. Los tokens NFT can be maintained as collateral for effective liquid and other types of cryptocurrencies for effective time. A huge group in the market provides liquidity immediately with a large audience in the market. The NFT has the opportunity to expand the market for active digital niches.

  • software-icon-hire


    The credibility immediately of the non-fungible sign will lead to high liquidity. Los tokens NFT can be maintained as collateral for effective liquid and other types of cryptocurrencies for effective time. A huge group in the market provides liquidity immediately with a large audience in the market. The NFT has the opportunity to expand the market for active digital niches.

  • software-icon-hire


    Controllability of course, like traditional digital assets, NFTs are fully programmable crypto kittens that are directly exposed to a breeding mechanism that represents digital cats. Many NFTs today have more complex mechanics such as smithing, crafting, ransom, chance, etc. The project space is full of possibilities.

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    Smart contracts allow developers to take advantage of a non-fungible token offering and run revolving assets that cannot be changed after the NFT is released. A programmer can programmatically restrict that only a specific number of items of a specific rarity can be created. Developers can also execute specific properties that do not change over time by coding them. Reinforce the uniqueness of your creation.


Process on our NFT Marketplace Development


A meeting is held between the client and our core team. This meeting focuses on the key details of the business requirements of the client. A clear picture of the client’s needs to launch an NFT marketplace is studied beforehand.



Stringent planning is undertaken to develop a robust platform for virtual assets with high user efficiency and security. And Buying, Selling, Auction Process Flow
Listing Process Flow the core planning is to build.



Our expertise team gets their hands on developing a marketplace for digital arts that matches the client’s requirements and make your NFT marketplace high tech and robust quality platform for seller, buyer and digital artist.



After successfully developing the app, it is showcased to the client, and on their approval, it is launched on all the compatible platforms the client asks for, and we provide the best technical support to our client.

How it Works

Process flow of NFT Marketplace


Advanced Features of our NFT Marketplace

Store Front

Store Front



Create Listing

Create Listing

Listing Status

Listing Status





Rating & Review

Rating & Review

Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell

Multiple Network

Multiple Network

ERC-721 Compatibility

ERC-721 Compatibility

Numerous Products

Numerous Products



Referral Program

Referral Program

Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallet

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet
Transection Network

Common Standards of ERC

ERC-20 is the most prominent ERC standard used to develop a fungible token. It comes along with functionalities that include transfer and real-time balance tracking of tokens.

This is the standard to develop a non-fungible token. An NFT cannot be duplicated, divided and is unique from other tokens. They represent the ownership rights over both digital and real-world assets for the investors.

ERC-1155 is a standard that can be followed to develop both fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain network. It allows adequate optimization making it more efficient for ensuring the safe execution of transactions.


How to create, Buy & Sell NFTs in the NFT marketplace?

create nft
Creating NFTs

1. The blockchain to issue NFT is decided as the initial step.

2. Followed by which, the wallet is connected to the platform.

3. The file that needs to be converted to NFT is chosen.

4. After this, you will include information like special traits or attributes for showing off the uniqueness.

5. Information can be set to make the content private for only purchasers to view.

6. Finally, after confirming the creation of the wallet, the NFT is created.

sell nft
Selling NFTs

1. One has to select the item from the collection.

2. The pricing page will let them fix the price and sales condition, whether it is through an auction or a fixed-price sale.

3. They can set the royalties and the token they would like to receive for selling the NFT.

4. As a final step, they might be required to pay a fee to complete the process.

sell nft
Buying NFTs

1. Deciding on a marketplace and downloading a suitable wallet is the first step here.

2. Then the wallet should contain the right cryptocurrency beforehand.

3. For Pack and art drops, these are the primary steps to keep everything ready at the right time ahead.

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