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Top Social Media Platforms In India 2021

Social media platforms in India - Wemsquare Technologies
Social media platforms in India – Wemsquare Technologies

Social Media Platforms In India

Nowadays, each and every person is making use of social media platforms and undoubtedly it has become very popular. 

The first website which was called Six degrees was very successful in the year 1997. 

After this, social media has arisen into other websites. 

Most people spend half of their time on social media platforms. 

The reason behind this is they love the feeling of staying connected with their loved ones. 

How Facebook Is Helpful In Business and Communication.

Facebook messenger- Wemsquare Technologies
Facebook messenger- Wemsquare Technologies

Modern science has made a huge development and Facebook messenger is a part of it, we are all aware of the fact that without communication one cannot succeed in business.

 People can create a business page on Facebook and an account on Facebook messenger and sell/advertise their products.

This method can be easier for both.

 Owners can contact their customers with just a single click, buyers can order online which will save their time in a busy schedule.

 Overall, Facebook has done a huge achievement in terms of business.

Why Should We Use Instagram?

Instagram app - Wemsquare Technologies
Instagram app – Wemsquare Technologies

Instagram is one of the most leading networks in social media. 

It allows you to make a post of your videos, photos and share them with your family and friends.

 According to the report released in the previous year, there are 200 million users who are making use of Instagram and almost half of them share pictures every day. 

Moreover, if you want to create any business site it allows you to create a page that too free of cost. 

You just need to create a good-looking profile, post all your content every day, post good quality videos & photos, make use of hashtags, engage with other business profiles and always track your statistics via the new app.

Highly Influential Media: YOUTUBE APP

Youtube App - Wemsquare Technlogies
Youtube App – Wemsquare Technlogies

Youtube App is a very popular platform among today’s generation, billions of people are using youtube apps worldwide. 

The reason it is called highly influential is that users can publish their videos (documentary & featured). 

This media is facilitated between the institutes of education as well as individuals. 

Such awareness of today’s recent problem and solution can also be shared via Youtube with millions of people watching it on a screen. 

Furthermore, such social issues as cybercrime, bullying, suicide, and LGBTQ issues can be brought into awareness for the public with the help of the Youtube app.

 Youtube app has also promoted democracy through the media of political views, for instance, sharing some protest videos to ban plastic in national boundaries, youtube app has played a vital role in the field of politics, it has made communication easy for government employees and citizens of the country now they can directly engage the citizens and promote the policies.

 Hence, the Youtube app can be influential for all generations of people.  

Find Ideas to spark your inspiration with Pinterest 

pinterest app - Wemsquare Technologies

Many people find it interesting to work in their field of interest; while some can cook good others can style well. 

Pinterest works with pins and boards so that it makes a convenient way for people to save their ideas and discover more for a particular thing. 

Billions of posts can be posted and can be saved for future use. You can easily search ideas by typing in keywords with the given search bar available on the top of the app. 

Moreover, you can share and inspire others with your creativity and post images or short-time videos on Pinterest. 

However, not everyone will like or follow up with your ideas but some will appreciate and maybe you can start earning with your creativity. 

However, before posting content one should know how Pinterest works! 

Use of this medium can be done by all age groups, not only you can save posts on your feed but also you can share your pins with your loved ones, for that you just need to click on the Send button to pass your inspiration.

 The use of messages is also provided in this application, you can chat with your friends. 

You can see your messages by tapping on the bell icon. 

Thus, Pinterest is the media through which your inspiration can be generalized and can help to inspire other people from your interpersonal skills. 

Here’s Everything You Need To Know about Whatsapp!!

Whatsapp App - Wemsquare Technologies
Whatsapp App – Wemsquare Technologies

Whatsapp was developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009 probably 12 years ago, initially, this app was named to sound just like What’s up!! 

Today Whatsapp is used by each and everyone to make communication easier.

 During the starting period, WhatsApp was not so successful because of the bugs and unawareness about the app but Brain always kept himself motivated to make this app successful. 

After spending much time another version of WhatsApp was published which gained 2,50,000 users and that time this app was a big success.

Whatsapp was designed to make communication easier and make free international and roaming calls for people who have been charged thousands of bucks in earlier times. 

Now in the present time, WhatsApp company is owned by Facebook Inc. by Mark Zukerberg both the co-founders have joined a different company. 

Whatsapp has always come up with good ideas that attract more and more people to use this app.

 This app is used by almost half of the world’s population.

 This year Facebook-owned messaging app has come up with a new feature of WhatsApp business.

After a long wait, the payment option was launched in India because it took a lot of time to get permission from the UPI for national payments in India. 

According to the news shared, this new feature of payment can be linked with the SBI bank, HDFC, ICICI, and AXIS bank of India.

 Certain features have come into the light, like Whatsapp deleting messages, QR codes, Mute option with the choice of years, Group calls, and Whatsapp dark mode. 

How To Create A Facebook Business Page.

How to create a business profile on facebook - Wemsquare Technologies
How to create a business profile on Facebook – Wemsquare Technologies

If you have a business and want to grow digitally then Facebook Messenger is a platform where your business can reach the highest point.

 There are 182 billion people who make use of Facebook messenger every day so it is not just a social network that can be ignored. 

The best thing is you can create your business account free of cost and you can market your business. 

Creating an account is not a tough task either, by simply giving all the information your account can be created. 

Here are some steps by which you can create your business page;

You need to sign up 

 Signing up simply means to put your page name, business name if any, though Facebook will help you choose the people you need to follow and you can choose up to 3 suggestions in one go. 

Add pictures

This plays a very important role, as people should know that it is you handling your business account by providing some pictures to the audience.

 It will be an easy task for the public to know you well and they won’t think of you reporting as spam.

Provide a username

Give such a username that is unique and not most of the people are using it, By giving such usernames people can recognize you much faster. 

Keeping the username for your business you should always keep in mind that it should not be changed every time. 

Add your business detail

Add such details as your business location, the opening and closing time of your shop, introduction about your business, etc. 

Post your first picture or video 

It is always good to be prepared that’s why the first step for growing your business should be posting such eye-catching posts that will attract the customers 

Send an invitation to the audience

Starting your business digitally won’t give you a large amount of audience initially, so you need to invite a group of people you follow, emerging such people will make good publicity which will be beneficial for your business

Thus, making a business profile for your Facebook account is an easy task but engaging more and more people to know about your business can be a tough task.

How to post on Instagram?

How to post on instagram - Wemsquare Technologies
How to post on Instagram – Wemsquare Technologies

Using social media sites is quite an easy task for people, there are millions and billions of people who are using Instagram worldwide.

 Most of them are youngsters for which Instagram is a tremendous platform in today’s time. 

Posting or using Instagram is as easy as eating food, one can directly login into their Instagram account and search for a post icon.

 Recently a new feature of reels has been added to this site. People are making use of it.

Here are a few steps that show how you can post your content on Instagram.

Step 1: Open instagram 

Step 2: Press on + icon

Step 3: Select post and then select photos or videos you want to add to your Instagram feed.

Step 4: Select a filter you want to add to your post

Step 5: Write a caption related to your post

Step 6: You are ready to post your first picture/video on your feed. 

How To Make Money On Youtube App?

How to make money on youtube - Wemsquare Technologies
How to make money on youtube app – Wemsquare Technologies

Several questions can run in mind that whether one can make a career with posting content on the Youtube app, the answer is YES! 

Many people have emerged in the world of social networking and most of them are earning a huge amount of money just by receiving likes, comments, and shares with the help of the Youtube app.

But the question arises, How? Youtubers are also called self-made celebrities with the use of the Youtube app.

But only by posting a few videos, one cannot earn money on the Youtube app.

 For earning money you need to enable monetization from the settings. 

From there you can easily join the YouTubers partner program and start making money from the Youtube app.

But this isn’t enough for you to be famous; you need a great level of engagement with your audience and it simply means that you need good and different content from most of the content creators present on the Youtube app.

 Firstly, you need to pay close attention to the people who are following you; whether you are seeking a particular age or gender group or different groups of people. 

Secondly, from which country or location you are getting most of your followers, plays a crucial role while selecting the content for your videos.

Lastly, how much time your audience spends watching your videos. 

How does Pinterest work?

How does pinterest work - Wemsquare Technologies
How does pinterest work – Wemsquare Technologies

Like many other sites, Pinterest is also one of the fastest-growing networks.

 It is not just a network where you can save your images and share them with your friends and family. 

Besides, this is much more of that, if you are aware of the fact that how Pinterest works as a business then you can definitely use it as one of your advantages. 

One might think how can Pinterest be turned into doing the business stuff? Like many other apps, this can be easily turned into a business. 

If we talk about the photo album everyone in their life has created an online photo album on their phones.

likewise, Pinterest allows you to post such things and it lets your user find your creativity and bookmark them.

 These saved items are known as pins, these pins can be created theme-wise, and by making the set of it can be named as aboard. 

There are three features for Pinterest which is essential for business owners to familiarize themselves with some of its basics. Which are Pin, Board, and Feed. 

What is the impact of social media marketing on business? - Wemsquare Technologies
What is the impact of social media marketing on business? – Wemsquare Technologies


  • What is the impact of social media marketing on business?
  • Recently, it is observed that many businesses made a profit coming up online and their sales went higher after collaborating with other businesses. 
    According to the survey, social media marketing has created a positive impact on business. 
    It has molded it in various ways which are advantageous in a person’s life.

  • Is Youtube important for marketing?
  • Definitely yes, now most of the people find reading boring, all the long written posts for attracting the people videos are necessary!!
     Youtube has one of the highest video viewers in India. 
    People find it more interesting to watch videos which helps them to save their time and make them know about the business more accurately. 

  • How should we be using Facebook for marketing?
  • Facebook is one of the most popular social media mediums; billions of people who are using Facebook make it most popular.
     People use it to connect and interact with other people which can be called your audience. 
    You can reach your audience and share your content in such a manner that it encourages them, and they start to like your work which directly helps you to make a profit.
     So, Facebook is important for marketing, and for that, you need a good audience.

  • How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?
  • Taking control of a thing is needed when your business is not going in the right direction. 
    Here, social media is such a thing that helps you to answer all your questions but without letting you take control. 
    But what you do is engage the audience and post more & more every day. 
    Many people see it as one of its advantages, focusing only on the content rather than worrying about profit. 
    Social media also lets you know your profit and loss statement.


    To sum up, Social media platforms are used by various people for various works, some earn people by posting the content while others grow their respective businesses. 

    However, social media does not always have any positive effects.

     It sometimes can draw some cons which can be really harmful to the society. 

    On the other hand, if it helps you to grow your business then the dangers of cheating, thefts cannot be neglected. 

    One has to be always attentive while posting something or sharing such personal information.

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