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  • Categories
    Whatever it is that you’re looking for just use the category option to help you you. Dessert or main course? Soup or salad? Sugar or spice?
  • Search Food
    Go through the varieties of different kind of food to find what you like using instant search feature.
  • Checkout cart
    An easy to access cart system that is on par with every other eCommerce solution in the market.
  • Referal System
    Use the apps referral system to get your product to reach larger audience, where the user is rewarded for every user he brings in.


Swiggy Clone is built with a mobile-first approach keeping user experience, conversion optimization, and high performance intact. It is built with React which is adequately served by a Laravel API.

The most amazing feature of Swiggy Clone is, it can be installed on any device running Android or iOs. It can also be installed on a Windows PC running Chrome.

Swiggy Clone includes high-end features like Lazy Loading, Progressive Image Loading, Content Placeholder Loading, Bulk CSV Upload, Advance Settings Management, Advance Coupon System.

User Application

Robust Ride-hailing application packed with top-notch features


Organize and control the basic profile. Invite friends to gain points and free services.


The status of your order in your fingertips with constant updates by the second.

Front- and Back-End Coding

We prefer to work in Agile sprints (Scrum methodology) to get to an MVP  – a Minimum Viable Product that includes the core features your audience will use and love.

This phase is led by a technical Project Manager, who works in collaboration with the Account Director dedicated to your keeping your project running smoothly and on budget.


Get to know more about a particular dish, details about the provider and other user reviews.


Mark your favourite items onto this page and find them easily to keep ordering it over and over again.

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