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Why Uber for courier delivery is a good business idea. Here are some facts check

uber for courier delivery app - wemsquare technologies
uber for courier delivery app – wemsquare technologies

We have come a long way, Uber for courier delivery from letters delivery to distant places by doves to the evolution of postal services.

Now, in the era of digitization, we have advanced so much in this field. Now,  with the help of on-demand uber for courier delivery services, you can get doorstep delivery of anything. And I actually meant it, when I said anything. Earlier just letters were delivered, now you can order anything from foods, grocery to medicine. The list is very long.

Technology is rapidly changing our life. We have On-demand services all around. These on-demand services are changing business models and buying patterns of people.

Back to courier delivery apps. I am sure you already know what courier delivery is. You just need to look around. And you will feel that you have so many options available around like FedEx. They offer a demand courier delivery service.

But what the duck is uber for courier delivery?

Uber has launched a lot of services like on-demand taxi apps, Uber eats to enhance their value proposition. Uber of courier booking is just one such kind of idea developed by uber.

By Uber for courier delivery, uber is not just enhancing the income of their existing drivers but making on-time courier delivery to the destination.

Just like in uber eats, Uber contracts with their existing drivers for courier delivery. That way drivers can have more options of income.

For the inter-city courier business, the Uber for courier delivery business model is giving a tough challenge. And the reason is its efficiency and advanced features like location tracking of drivers and on-time delivery.

So, what are the features of the Uber clone for a courier app?

What to expect in the customer’s uber clone for courier app?

  1. An easy signup option. So, that customer can easily get registered without any hassle.
  2. An option to send and receive courier at any location desired by the customer.
  3. Once the location is selected, the Customer will get to know the estimated price of the delivery
  4. Location tracking facility for the courier to allow the customer to check the location of the parcel
  5. Multiple options for payment for the convenience of the customer.
  6. If a customer needs to cancel or reschedule the delivery, with the app it is also possible.
  7. Customers can be provided promotional offers and gift cards through this app.
  8. If a customer wishes to connect with a delivery partner, in the app he can connect through chat or can even call, if any need arises.
  9. With the help of the app, customers can get real-time notification of the development throughout the transaction from the collection of the parcel to the delivery of the same.

What to expect in the delivery person’s app?

  1. Delivery personnel can make a good profile and showcase it to the customer. It is a good way for a delivery person to present himself in a better way by making a good profile.
  2. This app offers a feature to delivery personnel to accept or reject the order. So that can accept or reject the order as per his availability through this app.
  3. Delivery personnel can locate the client with the help of GPS tracking available in the app.
  4. This app provides a feature to delivery personnel to keep a record of all earnings. So it becomes convenient for him to keep track of all income
  5.  In the delivery person’s app, a feature is provided to enable delivery personnel to see all notifications and alerts to get updated. Also, with the help of this app, he can become available or unavailable for the service.

What to expect in the admin panel?

  1. In the admin panel, managers can keep an eye on overall all activities of the business.   Starting from courier delivery booking by the client to receiving by the delivery partner and getting delivered at the other end.
  2. Through the admin panel, managers can handle all the customers conveniently.
  3. Admin panel allows managers to automate the workflow of the delivery partners. Automation in this work improves overall efficiency.
  4. Admin panel lets the manager set a service area, it helps in guiding the delivery partner up to which area he should be serving.
  5.  With the help of the admin panel, managers can provide the best customer support. Because they can already keep track of the whole transaction. They are already better informed to take up queries of the customers.

“So, what do you think about the Uber for courier delivery app?  You can let me know in the comment section. Likewise, if you wish to know more about it through 121 calls or chat, we also welcome it. Likewise, you can also get to see our developed clone app, if you wish to see the uber clone for the courier delivery app.”

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