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Uber taxi new jersey app for rider solution

uber taxi new jersey-taxi booking-wemsquaretechnologies
uber taxi new jersey-taxi booking-wemsquaretechnologies

Uber taxi new jersey

On-demand we customize the uber taxi new jersey ride app. In this, you can get the proper app for an uber taxi.

 from this, you can easily find your ride and save time. 

This app provides so many services for customers and also for drivers and many more. 

To enjoy uber taxi services we have to do an uber taxi app free download for all people.

Uber taxi app has a four-module

1.customer app

2.Driver app

3.Dispatcher Panel

4.Admin Panel

Uber taxi new jersey app has four modules and the customer app  module.


For customers lets see the  feature of the customer app module.

Customer app feature in uber taxi app

Sign up/Login

   Users can sign up/login via email by a simple signup process or via social media login in the uber taxi new jersey app.

And  easily with just a tap they are all set                                                                                                         

Book rides

   Book rides easily in the Uber taxi app for themselves or for their loved ones. 

   Set your pickup location from your location and set drop location and on click, your ride is ready for travel.

Schedule ride

 The uber taxi new jersey app has a scheduled ride feature.

 where customers can book their ride according to their schedule without worrying.

They can enjoy their ride whenever they want by using the uber taxi app.


 If you are stuck in an unknown area or in an odd area you don’t have to worry about it. 

you can choose your location app from the GPS  function which can be located and also track your ride accurately.

Ride history

 Uber taxi app has a ride history about customers’ all previous rides.

 They have every detail like pickup, drop location, price, time taken, etc. 

Fare estimate

In the fare estimate feature when customers choose your pickup and destination, customers know about the fare instantly.

 This helps the customers to choose their ride in their budget.

SOS alert

If the customer can be stuck somewhere and in an unfortunate situation, they don’t have to find a contact number.

they can have to tap on the SOS alert button and it will be helpful before they know.

In-app wallet

The Uber taxi app has one feature: an in-app wallet.

 That will help the customer to enjoy their ride conveniently without always hunting for cash or cards. 

Customers can easily pay their taxi bills by the app wallet.


Every detail of the ride status and about the app, customers get through a notification in the notification bar.


Businesses are born and develop from feedback. 

So there are reviews in uber taxi apps where customers can give their feedback about the app services and rate our app.

uber taxi app-taxi app-Wemsquaretechnologies
uber taxi app-taxi app-Wemsquaretechnologies

driver app feature in uber taxi app

Live navigation

The uber taxi new jersey apps have a live navigation feature on the driver app.

which help the driver to know their customers’ live location and reach their location.

earnings report

The uber taxi new jersey app drives their report of working progress in their work through earning reports.

Ride history

Using this feature drivers can keep their record of the past ride and their fare details and upcoming rides all at a spot.

Online/Offline mode

Drivers could indicate their availability to take rides just by switching this mode. 

In case the driver wants to take a break or has some personal reason so they can switch it off again to go offline.

Instant request

The uber taxi new jersey app offers drivers more opportunities and benefits to millions. 

The drivers can get instantly engaged and earn more by switching online mode.

in-App notifications

Drivers get a notification of every new ride request from customers, ride’s completion time and payment, in-App notification.


Professionalism is what is known for services on-demand.

The apps come with feature verification in this feature drivers’ documents are verified by the admin.

Invoice generation

In this feature, the driver can have an invoice for the recent trip that he has completed.

Account integration

The uber taxi new jersey app has the easiest way of receiving payment.

By integrating drivers’ accounts into the uber app for receiving their earnings directly.


In the uber taxi new jersey app drivers also have a feature to rate the app.

 After completion of their trips and share their experience.

 It will help to increase trust and loyalty between drivers about the app.

Dispatcher Panel feature in uber taxi app

Assign drivers

In this, you can choose the driver manually or auto-assign by.

Either by passing a taxi request to the driver or allow the system to do it

Real-time dispatch status

Real-time dispatch status is used for tracking the real-time status of the assigned trips. 

Status like acceptance by driver trips current status this used for a safe trip.

Retry request

The dispatcher handles the retry request from the panel,

 Where details will be filled in automatically.

Manual dispatch

Manual dispatch is used for scheduled trips.

For scheduled trips they can assign a driver before the start time of the trip.

Track drivers

Just like an admin, the dispatcher can see the current location of the driver, on the map and track their location where they go.

View pending request

 In this, the dispatcher can view all pending and upcoming requests.

From the dispatcher panel for a comprehensive view of the functioning status of the app.

Admin Panel feature in uber taxi app


As an admin, they can have all access to the app.

 They can manage operations and activities, for all this work .

 They have an elegant dashboard where they can monitor the app.


Every app must have one admin panel.

they can not manage all the activity without admin in the app.

 it can not work properly. Admin manages all the activities like a driver, customer, rides, etc.


Without much investment here you can earn more money by setting the price range and earning from every ride.


In this, you can have a holistic view of the payment by customers to drivers online.

Heat map

Here you can know about the demographic that needs your services.

  using the heat map feature and making an informed decision about the surge    pricing.

Fleet management

Here you can manage your vehicle set, including your payout, etc.

Dynamic document

Here you can manage all documents like vehicles, drivers, related to the company. Using this will decrease paperwork, and be more efficient.

God’s view

Using God’s view, you can search for a vehicle directly by entering the type, driver name, and location without surfing the entire list you can get your ride.

SMS gateway

Admin sends personalized SMS to the client through the admin panel using SMS gateway integration. 


Using this you can have knowledge about your business progress at your fingertips.

Trips payment, settlement, ride wallet, subscription, driver wallet, subscription are all now in view of this

Using the uber taxi new jersey ride app,  you can travel easily and safely without wasting your time.

You just have to download the app from your mobile google store.

and create an account in the app and you can enjoy all the services of Uber taxi app.

how does uber taxi work-taxi app-Wemsquaretechnologies
how does uber taxi work-taxi app-Wemsquaretechnologies


1)How to book an uber taxi??

For rider


Customers can register in the app using their email ID and personal details or using a social media handle.

Enter location

They will enter the pickup location and destination location and get the variants with their prices displayed.

Select a car

They select car types based on their budget.

Track the ride

After booking the taxi, the rider can track the taxi in real-time.

Trip started

Once the driver accepts the request and rides, the trip starts successfully.


After the completion of the trip, the rider has multiple options for paying.

For driver


The driver logs in to their account in-app when the driver is ready to take a trip and earn money.

Trip request to admin

The driver submits their documents to admin and after verification, they shall take up trips.

Availability status

After toggling their availability status in online mode, they will start receiving ride requests from nearby riders.

Accept rides

When the driver accepts the ride request they start the trip successfully.


Once completing the trip the driver can receive payment from the rider for COD or it will be processed through payment.

Rating & Reviews

Like customer drivers also rate the trip after completion.


During the ride whatever driver will earn commission from the trip, the admin will transfer to the driver.

2)uber taxi fare

Uber taxi app calculates fare per/kilometer. 

The app can calculate the kilometer and generate bills according to distance.

3)how does uber taxi work

Uber taxis totally work on the uber taxi app.

 Admin handles all activities and manages all requests and functions from the admin panel. 

Each panel has its own functionality and responsibility.

4)what does uber taxi mean

The Uber taxi app is the solution to every trip-related issue.

 Using the uber taxi app you can travel without any worry and safely.

 Uber taxis totally work according to the uber taxi app. 

It is a big transportation company with an app that allows customers to travel in taxis and pay.

5)uber taxi app clone

On-demand wemsquaretechnologies customize the uber taxi new jersey ride clone app.

In this, you can get the proper app for an uber taxi.

This clone app has so many features for customers and also for drivers.

Customers can easily register an account in this app and book a drive for the trip without any hassle.


On-demand wemsquaretechnologies customize the uber taxi new jersey ride clone app.

In this, you can get the proper app for an uber taxi.

This clone app has so many features for customers and also for drivers.

Customers can easily register an account in this app and book a drive for the trip without any hassle.

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