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Why to Choose Seamless Clones for Online Food Delivery App?
Food Delivery App

Why to Choose Seamless Clone Script for Online Food Delivery App?

seamless clone script - wemsquare technologies
seamless clone script – wemsquare technologies

Why Choose Seamless Clones Script for Online Food Delivery App???

Restaurants with Food Delivery App Seamless Clone script helps to deliver food to your customer’s doorstep.

You can start your online food delivery business with a seamless clone script app. A seamless clone app is an on-demand food delivery app customized solution. It will boost your sales and revenue.

The seamless clone app is user-friendly and attracts new users. And it comes with an attractive UI/UX, that will look very rich.

How does the seamless clone script app help your food delivery business?

Seamless food delivery clone mobile native apps are available with completely targeted upcoming trends and advanced functionality. It provides a fully customized solution for new start-ups and restaurant owners with innovative functionality.

For this clone, we have developed an admin panel for managers. With an admin panel, they can manage the restaurant’s operations, menu, orders, delivery, payment everything in a single dashboard.

Our expert team can manage your whole app easily and customize the app as per your requirement.

Features that are included in the food delivery seamless clone script app  

I am sure you might be knowing about Zomato. If yes then, it is not so tough to know how fast online food delivery apps can grow the food business. It provides fast expansions and helps in getting new customers in large numbers. Ultimately that helps to increase sales.

Features provided in the customer’s app

  • New user registration
  • Customers can search and select restaurants as per their wishes.
  • The app comes with a food order menu, that lets customers choose from a wide variety of food options.
  • Customers can add multiple food items from different restaurants.
  • It customer wish to visit the restaurant and take away food to home. Fine, that option is also available.
  • Customer can easily track their respective food order.
  • Customer can cancel their food order conveniently, in case of any problem.
  • Customers can be offered various discount offers and promo codes through this app.
  • App offers multiple payment options.

Features provided in the restaurant app

  • The customer registration facility is in a food app to engage with the customer for the long term.
  • The restaurant promptly gets food order alerts.
  • The restaurant menu can be customized with the help of this app.
  • App provides help to restaurants in total food order management.
  • Also, the app helps restaurants in Bill payment management and keeping bill records.
  • Restaurants can keep track record of food order history. so that they can serve their customers in a better way on the next visit.
  • Likewise Customers, Restaurants too can accept or decline food orders conveniently. In case of any emergency arises.

Features provided in Admin Panel

  • Sing up / Sign in
  • With the help of the admin panel, the manager can keep business information and documents conveniently.
  • Admin panel lets you manage the menu of your restaurant.
  • Once the food is ordered by any customer, there will be a food order notification.
  • Admin panel helps in managing food orders in a very efficient way.
  • With the help of the admin panel, the Manager can keep track of the payment status of customers.
  • Apps user’s full detail will be available in the admin panel. That helps the manager know the customer better.
  • All help & support provided by us will be available in the admin panel.

Features available in Delivery App

  • A delivery person can create his profile. It helps customers to know about the delivery partners and their service records.
  • One customer order the food. Delivery partner receives food orders in his app
  • This app provides the delivery location of the customer. So that delivery partners can deliver food within the given time efficiently.
  • This app provides delivery partners to view food order History. That way he can know better about existing customers.
  • With this app, a Delivery partner can receive multiple deliveries. And serve all the orders as per priority.
  • Delivery partners can get notifications and conformations from this app. With these features, it saves a lot of time for the delivery partners.

Why choose a Food delivery seamless clone script app from us?


It gives you Easy and Fast Server Configuration

After Purchasing an online food delivery clone app seamlessly, we will install this clone script to your server. Our expert team will make your script live in a short time. So, that you can start enjoying our service immediately.

It provides Quick App Submission on the store

We provide Android and iOS Applications for installing on Play store and App store for users. So, that your target customers can start installing the app and use the service.

We provide Free support for any bug

Our expert team has a record of developing zero error bug-free high-quality clone scripts. Still, some updates may happen to create any bug.

But you need not worry about it. If you face any bugs, we will be happy to solve this in the support period. Because we love handling bugs.

We provide On-time support

If you face any problem in using an app or you may require further knowledge about the app. any time you can connect with us. Our technical team will be happy to give you support for any query.

Native Mobile Apps

The expert team designs your solution seamlessly with all features in the native language app and lightweight app.

White Label Solution

We develop a fully customized app. All you need to do is to change few things for your own branding. We would be happy to help you with your personal branding if you wish.

Seamless Source code

After completing the full financial transaction you will get the full source code and customized script. So that you can make the app more attractive for users.

Reasons to choose Seamless Clone Script.

Food delivery Seamless Clone Script is enriched with features and functionality.

In this app, if you add any additional features, we are able to modify this script as per your demand.

Our experienced designers and development team is packed with lots of experience. They are experts in developing native mobile applications for various products.

You can connect with your users

You can connect with your customer via our SMS, Notification, user email. In that way, you can engage more with your clients. It ultimately helps in building a brand. And of course in earning brand loyalty.

It is easy to make an order in this app

You can go to a native app, check the food menu, customize food orders, make payment as per your choice.

Build your own brand with the help of this app

this app helps you in building a brand. You can provide food offers and promotional codes. You can also do marketing using your mobile application on a social media platform.

Give the option to take away food from the restaurant

Do your customers wish to visit your restaurant and take delivery home? You can give options to your users to take away food from your restaurant at home.

It allows you to make yourself reachable

In the rising competition, you can not afford to be unreachable. But wait, what if your restaurant is far from the main road on narrow streets?. With this app, you can allow your customers to reach your Restaurants with well-guided map directions.

Notification updates for users food delivery

With this app, you can stay in constant touch just after order confirmation. You can provide real-time email and text updates to your client. It may range from the order confirmation, food preparation time, any suggestion to make food or anything, and delivery status.

Online payment cashless

Online payment is an easy way for you to manage funds and bills. Your customers can make payments online and track all orders and bills.

Quick order accepting mechanism

We make an admin panel for restaurants. By that feature, restaurants can accept food orders fast and provide services in a better way.

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